Coloring Books Can Do All These Things!
• Promotion
• Art, Science and Environmental Education 
• Fundraising
"Kristin Reiber Harris beautifully captured the focal features of our favorite park in her coloring book. Our collaboration was a joy – from planning through execution – and we're thrilled with the result!"   Erica M., Board Member,The Friends of Washington Market Park 
"The Friends of Washington Market Park commissioned a delightful coloring book to benefit and celebrate the park’s features and creatures."   Tribeca Citizen
My Coloring Book Collection
Why Coloring Books?
Art is a wonderful way to engage with the natural world. 
I create beautiful line drawings that express my creative vision as    an artist who has focused on the natural world for over 40 years.             I grew up on an old farm and I was able to spend hours observing  the flora and fauna of my native Virginia. Being outside has fueled my career as an artist and animator.

What's Special about My Coloring Books
• A wonderful way to relax and destress in a busy world
• Beautiful flowers, plants and trees to experience 
as you become absorbed in the process of bringing them to life
• A little short story about each image
• Coloring pages for a range of skill levels
• Coloring books for fundraising, science and environmental education and public relations.
It's all about nature, art and collaboration. 
What do you want to celebrate? Contact me and let me tell you how your park or neighorhood can be featured in a coloring book.
Sample Pages
Parks are also playgrounds, sports facilities, water features and so much more. I can include a coloring page of whatever makes your park special. The coloring books can be used for fundraising, science and environmental education and public relations.

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