City Birds
In production: director/animator

Illustration and Animation for Children's Information Gateway promo

AfterEffects animation test

Life Cycles: Acorn 
Direction, Art and Animation
Life Cycles: Jellyfish
Direction, Art and Animation
Life Cycles: Monarch Butterfly
Direction, Art and Animation
A is for Ants/Animal Alphabet from Bees Buzz & Lions Roar
DVD in Spanish and English    Producer/Animator
HBO Interstitial Series: Wrote, Directed and Animated/ I Want to Be a Marine Biologist
Illustration and animation for skin care project for National Institutes of Health
Los peces nadan from Bees Buzz & Lions Roar/Las abejas zumban y los leones rugen   DVD in Spanish and English    Producer/Animator

Independent project: science of the seasons for preschool kids

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